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Okay I’m now half way through the Comic rewrite. Need to find a talented illustrator preferably one who works in the comic book medium. If any knows of some one or is an illustrator them selves interested in a independent Comic please contact me.

"It's hard for many people to believe that there are extraordinary things inside themselves, as well as others. I hope you can keep an open mind."
-Mr.Glass(Sam Jackson)

Well it looks like I am out of art retirement of course it would take Dr.Who to do it some one as powerful as the Dr. could pull be back in. I hope you enjoy the new piece is the first in a year or so I believe. I promise more too come. Have any suggestion shoot me a message or what ever and who knows it might make it into the gallery. So again enjoy thanks and cheers.
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Hi there come here often? No. Well, look around maybe you'll like something.
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Yesterday my group of friends and I suffered a real loss when a good and close friend died out of the blue. He was one of those guys who could light up a room just bye walking into it. Always the life a party and quick to make funny joke. I will truly miss miss him he will be miss with everything we do and now every time I play poker with my friends it will never be the same. My friend May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields until we meet again.
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Ladies and Gentlemen an iconic figure in comic books has died today. Harvey Pekar died today at 70 his legendary comic which spanned a life time. With help of friend Robert Crumb created a comic for the every day person about every day stuff like fighting cancer or finding that one great jazz album. Famously Known for his outwardly grumpy attitude towards just about everything except jazz and his comics he lived a happy life survived bye his wife Joyce and daughter. I think today will be a jazz and comic day. Maybe watch American Splendor.
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It seems that a lot of people are digging the The Burleinator piece. it's gotten over a thousand views Which is pretty fucking wild didn't think I had it like that. But just wanted to say thanks for making from what I can see the most popular piece in my gallery.

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Ladies and Gents in two whole days the love of my life will be flying into Stewart Airport. The anticipation is killing me. So much to do in so little time. A few days after that I turn the big 26. This going to be the best birthday I have ever had. Look at me im already getting all emotional and he isn't even here yet. Wish me luck all. Oh before I go I put up a new piece. It's all about the Coco.
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Well People it's official.  Flight of The Conchords won't be making another season. It seems our favorite New Zealanders won't be coming back. But on the lighter note I am sure the two will come back around with something new of sorts eventually.…

That's the link check out the article.
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Turkey day is here once again. Revel in it's awesomeness.
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Well all I hope you are enjoying the new pieces more to come soon. If you would like to read a more indepth run down of my not so wonderful life please feel free to read my Live Journal.…
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Well Ladies and Gents today will be 165 and there are more on the way. Who could be next? Hey maybe you if ya have any suggestions send em on along if not sit back and watch the art fly.
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I'm sure some of you know where I have been most of ya that come to my page don't so I will fill you in. Nothing good nor exciting I can assure you. Well, about a month ago my comp got a very nasty virus that from I could see 15 other people then just me got and my comp became an over sized paperweight. With about two hundred bucks of work I brought it back to life again like Frankenstein's monster "IT'S ALIVE!...." . So, I'm back with a list of projects a mile long I can tell you there will be art and much of it. So look out for new stuff.

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Well it seems the art mojo is in high swing all kinds of new ones up. They are all my old school movie heroes. Bogart, Brando, Lee Marvin and Branwson. Thanks to every one that keeps favoriting and commenting you guys keep me going. If there is anything you want to see please feel free to ask. Enjoy.
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As I am sure most people already know David Carradine  was found dead yesterday in Bangkok. He will be missed bye the famous and none famous a like. This makes my Carrdine piece more impotent to me now that he's gone.
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Hey all finally got my programs to work so enjoy my first piece in a long time.
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Well I'm up to 130 pieces only 20 more to 150 I'm on the move check out the some new pieces I have up and more to come.

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Finally got some new art up two new pieces. Enjoy.
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Well the dry spell is over I have finally gotten to relax and finish a piece I have been watching a lot of this show after work. I don't know why it's like watching McGiver I feel like I am learning something while watching it LOL. Enjoy
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Well guy I have finally started my new job in which I will be working some crazy fucking hours. Which means less art from me. Though I do still have 112 pieces up for your viewing enjoyment. There will be more just in the distant future.
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So today I went and checked as I always do I like some comedy in the morning. But something was different when I loaded up the page my Brock Samson piece was the cover art of the Intro page immediately I freaked out because to me this is huge. A website that has countless numbers of people a day coming and the first thing they will see is my art. Fucking fantastic I am totally honored that they did this. Not bad for a guy who started doing this as a small hobby. Here's the link check it out.
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